Care4U Infrared Forehead Thermometer ZLK-IRT 101

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Care4U Infrared Forehead Thermometer ZLK-IRT 101

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Pack of: 1

Product Type: Infrared Thermometer

Container Type: Box

Model: ZLK-IRT101

Product Information: This non contact thermometer uses advanced technology to measure temperature of the body and any non living object.

Main Features:


  •   Large screen backlight display
  •   Adjustable setting parameters
  •   Store 32 sets of measuring data
  •   Quick measurement
  •   Unit conversion (°C/°F)



Display resolution: 32.2°F/0.1°C

Body temperature mode: ± 32.5°F/ ± 0.3°C

Measuring range:


  •   Body mode: 89.6°F-109.4°F/ 32°C-43°C
  •   Object mode: 32°F-212°F/ 0°C-100°C


Measuring distance: 1~10 cm

Operating ambient temperature: 50°F~104°F/ 10°C~40°C

Operating ambient humidity: <= 80%RH

Power: DC3V

Battery: 2 AAA batteries

Dimension: 116 x 55 x 170 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 150g (Without battery)



  •   Align the thermometer probe in the middle of your forehead and keep it vertical, about 3-5 cm away. Press the measurement button, a “beep” sound will be heard after about 1 second, then the measurement is completed with the measured value displayed.
  •   When the temperature varies greatly, and affects the forehead temperature, please aim at the earlobe and measure.




  •   Please read the instruction carefully before use.
  •   Do not immerse the thermometer in any liquid, and do not leave it under overheat or low temperature environment for a long time.
  •   Collision prohibited. Dropping and mixing with sharp objects are prohibited, disassemble by yourself is prohibited.
  •   Do not use in strong electromagnetic interference environment.
  •   It is recommended to practice several times to become familiar with the measuring method, and try not to change the product factory settings.
  •   Measurement results are not a substitute for physician diagnosis.
  •   No special maintenance is required during use; please contact the seller or manufacturer if there is any malfunction appears.


Colour may little vary from the picture.

Use as directed by the physician.