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Johnsons Baby Powder 100 g

75.00 70.00

Pack Of – 1

Number Of Contents In A Sales Package – 1

Container Type – Bottle

Flavour – Classic

Quantity – 100 g

Product Type – Baby Powder

Ideal For – Baby

Product Information – We love babies and we understand how to protect your baby’s soft delicate skin. That’s why we have designed JOHNSON’S® baby powder to protect baby’s skin from excess moisture and leave it soft and smooth. It’s a classic. JOHNSON’S® baby powder helps to eliminate friction while keeping skin cool and comfortable. Unlike adult powders, JOHNSON’S® and JOHNSON’S® baby powder is safe and is made of millions of tiny round slippery plates that glide over each other to help reduce the irritation caused by friction and thus providing soothing comfort to your baby. With a clean, classic scent, this incredibly soft baby powder formula awakens and stimulates your baby’s senses making your baby feel fresh and letting your baby play happily with everyone.

Ingredients – Talc, Fragrance, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid.

How to Use – For baby, use after every bath and diaper change. For you, use anytime you want skin to feel soft, fresh and comfortable. Shake powder directly into your hand, away from the face, before smoothing onto baby’s skin. Close tightly after each use, and store in a cool, dry place.