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Masolin Ayurvedic Breast Care 3 x 10 Capsules

230.00 225.00

Pack Of – 30

Number Of Contents In A Sales Package – 30

Container Type – Mono Cartoon

Product Type – Capsules

Ideal For – Women

Product Information – Masolin Multipurpose Breast Care capsule is sold in strips of 10, and a box contains 3 such strips. Delivery by Pure Passion is done discretely so that the contents of your consignment is not revealed from outside. This is no longer an improbability with the availability of Masolin Multipurpose Breast Care Capsule at Pure Passion. Deformed, under developed, drooping, and flabby breasts are treated effectively by using this multipurpose herbal medicine. Being totally natural, this medicine does not affect health adversely. Masolin capsule, as is implied by its name, is a comprehensive treatment for breasts. It not only enhances under-nourished and less developed breasts, but also prevents them from losing their firmness and shape. Women suffering from sagging breasts or teenagers suffering from low confidence because of small boobs are immensely benefitted by intake of this medicine as per doctor’s advice.

How to Use – Recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules per day always under medical supervision.